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Beefy Facts

May 14th, 2009 | By Christine in community, design, designers, infographics, sustainability | No Comments »

Here is another one of my favorite projects from my Communication Design II’s sustainable design project, which I first wrote about here.

Designed by Mika Tarkela, our resident sustainable/random facts provider, this poster promotes awareness of how harmful the beef industry is — and not just to our bovine friends (click for a larger view):


From 18% of the world’s annual greenhouse gas emissions to 37% of methane emissions, the beef industry creates more harm to the earth than all transportation combined.

Not only does raising cattle require a lot of land and resources, but transporting all that meat to the beef-loving Americans to every corner of the country is what’s killing the planet.

After looking at all the facts, you’re sure to feel guilty (unless you’re a vegetarian), so Mika makes very doable suggestions on how to offset the damage. For example, you can buy beef from local farmers, which limits the traveling your meat will do — also, supporting local businesses is always a plus. Of course, becoming a vegetarian is always the best solution, but until then, small steps are key.