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CreativeMornings: Oliver Jeffers Video

May 9th, 2010 | By Christine in artists, books, events, illustration, videos | No Comments »

Fresh off the Vimeo, the Oliver Jeffers CreativeMornings video! Makes me want to hug SwissMiss.

2010/04 Oliver Jeffers from CreativeMornings on Vimeo.

In other news, Pratt Show installation happening today. Lugging my world and books up to 34th in a few hours’ time.

CreativeMornings with Oliver Jeffers

April 23rd, 2010 | By Christine in artists, books, events, illustration | 2 Comments »

Time for another break!

The day started early, but it started marvelously, because it was Swiss Miss’s CreativeMornings time again, and this time it was none other than my hero, Oliver Jeffers! This was very special for me because this is the tag I wore for the first CreativeMorning that I attended, which featured Michael Bierut. The tag read ‘If I could ask for a CreativeMorning speaker it would be:’

I suppose it wasn’t entirely fair that I wrote Oliver’s name, because I knew that Tina knew Oliver lives in Brooklyn when I wrote this. Ah well, no apologies for cheating.

Anyway, it was a lovely talk hosted at HarperCollins on the 9th floor. Oliver gave a funny presentation about his life and his work, many things that I’d known before, but also many interesting details that I was pleased to learn. I can’t wait until the video is up on the CreativeMornings site.

One piece of wisdom that I really liked was that he said in deciding to move out of Northern Ireland, he chose to take the bigger challenge by moving to New York, rather than London or anywhere ‘easier.’ He said that he tries to do this with many things, like going after the bigger publishing houses and working his way down from there, since it makes sense to try to go for where you want to end up. In other words, dream big and act big! I like. Here are some photos:

This is where he started, on Earth.

Much better photos can be found on the CreativeMornings Flickr page, one of which I stole here. I’m the one with the red coat hanging on the back of my chair. Is that what my hair really looks like from the back??

I owe Tina a huge thanks for adding me to the list after she’d already submitted it to the HarperCollins security people (they’re very strict with safety, it ain’t no joke!), so thanks Tina! Also thanks to Oliver for signing a book for a special friend and for always being so nice to me :)

Like many others, it was a great day to be in New York City.

Much Teuxdeux!

December 2nd, 2009 | By Christine in design, designers, events, web | 5 Comments »

Was just watching a live stream of Tina Roth-Eisenberg‘s talk at Parsons as part of their AAS Graphic Design Networked Design Talk Series. She talked about her journey to where she is now. What struck me most is when she said that the best part about blogs is how personal they are. When they start to get successful and begin to add an editorial staff, she says they lose the personal touch that made them so special to begin with.

BUT my favorite part was when she mentioned Teuxdeux, which is an online app for keeping track of what you need to do.


It immediately reminded me of my teacher from last year, Lara McCormick, who had three sections labeled in her desktop background, which I think were yesterday, today, and this week or something of the sort. She would keep folders on her desktop in these spots to help her organize what she had to do, which I thought was such a brilliant idea. Of course, that’s a more physical way of organizing things, while Teuxdeux is basically an online to do list, because we all know we just lose the paper version anyway.

The password to sign up for Teuxdeux is our favorite Italian chocolate hazelnut spread.

-side note: Something went funky with my site over the weekend i.e. a monster ate my image and music files off the server (or something), but all is well now, so hurrah-