mobile UX / UI

iHeartRadio is an internet radio platform with over 50 million registered users, streaming live and custom stations through mobile, web, and home entertainment devices.

Role / Responsibilities

  • Senior Product Designer for mobile
  • iOS and Android apps
  • Manage team of three UX / UI designers and various freelancers
  • Develop design and production process

Android tablet and mobile home page

iPhone home page

Responsive Design

Creating an app for multiple platforms required scalable UX-thinking, taking into consideration the range of device sizes and resolutions (from older Android phones to 10-inch tablets).

In implementing the same features across iOS and Android devices, my team also strove to maintain the integrity of the device's native platform, while remaining true to the iHeartRadio brand identity.

This often influenced the specific behavior of certain features, such as the home page shown here, which uses cards and grids on Android, and rows on iOS.

All home page content on one screen, at a glance

Focused attention on one home page item at a time

Alternative Designs

UX / UI variations on the home page

Player and social media integration

Songs I Like quick access from the player

Android Daydream interactive screensaver

Design / Dev Collaboration

One of the best things about working at iHeartRadio was working with incredibly talented developers.

My UX designer and I had the chance to attend a code jam with the dev team, where we worked on building features that both the design and dev team were passionate about. Two days of intense, agile work away from day-to-day business requirements resulted in a hugely successful demo of working prototypes of our collaboration.

Among the features we built were:

  • Social media interaction integrated into the music player experience
  • Quick access and suggestions from the player of songs currently playing on other stations
  • Android Daydream screensaver