ScrollMotion Kids

children's book apps for mobile devices

ScrollMotion Inc. took hundreds of children's book content and brought them to life in apps for mobile devices.

Among better-known titles were Sesame Street, Arthur, and Thomas the Tank Engine.

Single, unbranded books received the original UX and UI design offered by the ScrollMotion platform.

The title shown, Tough Chicks, by Cece Meng and illustrated by Melissa Suber, is for placement only.


Feature Development / UX

As lead designer for the children's department, I collaborated with the children's department vice president, creative director, product manager, and developers, to conceptualize new features for the children's products.

Building a platform from scratch, we created an original user experience based around the core activities of reading and playing. 

ScrollMotion Original UI

One of my responsibilities was creating the original visual designs to accompany titles from publishers who didn't wish to customize their UI.

Challenges included creating a kid-friendly interface that was easy for both parent and child to use, with clear iconography.


Arthur UI

The creator of the Arthur books and television series, Marc Brown, personally hired ScrollMotion to bring his picture books to life on the iPad. Nine titles were released.

Using the style guide, I created a visual experience true to the spirit and personality of Arthur and Marc Brown.


I led production teams both in-house and overseas to create assets for hundreds of titles.

One of the greatest technical challenges was creating assets that would work across multiple platforms and devices (iOS, Android and webOS).

Santillana Project

For the Spanish publishers, Santillana, we produced over a dozen titles for both iOS and web OS. Each title included animations created by the design team in China, who I was responsible for training and managing in producing all titles within a tight schedule.

Other Clients

Among our most prominent clients were Sesame Workshop, HIT Entertainment (Thomas the Tank Engine), and Insight Editions (Harry Potter Film Wizardry).